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  • 286774-006
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Hard Drive

286774-006 HP 72.8GB 15K U320 HOT PLUG Hard Drive

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  • 286774-006 HP 72.8GB 15K U320 HOT PLUG Hard Drive
  • Part# : 286774-006
  • Manufacturer : HP
  • New price: $0
  • Refurbished price: $0
  • Part Numbers:
    • Option Part#: 286778-B22
    • Spare Part#: 289243-001
    • Assembly Part#: 286774-006
    • Model#: BF07285A36
  • Specifications:
    • Category: Proliant HardDrive
    • Sub-Category: 15K
    • Generation: Ultra320
    • Hot Swap Tray: Included/Attached
    • Capacity: 72.8GB
    • Height: 1.0 inch/2.54cm
    • Width: 4.0 inch/10.16cm
    • Interface: Ultra320 SCSI
    • Data Transfer Rate: 320MB/s
    • Single Track Seek Time: 0.55ms
    • Average Seek Time: 4.9ms
    • Full Stroke Seek Time: 10.0ms
    • Rotational Speed: 15000RPM
    • Bytes/Sector: 512
    • Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage)
    • Hard Drive Device Type: Hard Drive for Server/Storage Unit (HP)
    • Manufacturer: HP/Compaq
    • Application: Server Storage
    • Server Type: HP/Compaq Proliant
    • Backward Compatability: U2 and U3 Speeds
    • Pre-Failure Warranty: Yes
  • Compatibility: BL20p G1, BL20p G2, BL20p G3, BL25p, BL40p, BL45p G1, BL60p, CL1850, CL380, DL360 G1, DL360 G2, DL360 G3, DL360 G4, DL360 G4p, DL380 G1, DL380 G2, DL380 G3, DL380 G4, DL385 G1, DL560, DL580 G1, DL580 G2, DL580 G3, DL585 G1, DL590, DL740, DL760, ML330 G1, ML330 G2, ML330 G3, ML350 G1, ML350 G2, ML350 G3, ML350 G4, ML370 G1, ML370 G2, ML370 G3, ML370 G4, ML530 G1, ML530 G2, ML570 G1, ML570 G2, ML570 G3, ML750

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    Functionality is excellent!


    Functionality is excellent!

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